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Dice testing Battle Royale mode in Battlefield V

A Battle Royale mode is reportedly being tested at EA’s studio Dice for Battlefield V according to an article recently released by VentureBeat. With Battle Royale being the genre of the moment right now everyone wants a piece of the pie. Other recent reports state that Treyarch has assigned Raven Software to develop BR mode for the yet to be released Black Ops 4. Battlefield V is planned to release later this year so there isn’t much time to finish the BR mode if they just started.

The Battle Royale market is huge right now with PUBG and Fortnite drawing millions of players and racking in lots of money. AAA developers don’t want to pass on something that can make them lots of money, so its no surprise that EA and Activision are supposedly making BR modes to compete with each other and the existing games. I plan to go more in-depth about the Black Ops BR leak later so I’ll leave it at that for now.

If the BR mode doesn’t get approved or finished in time there is still a chance it could be released as a DLC or free update. VentureBeat mentions they could push it back to another Battlefield game or even a Star Wars: Battlefront game(can you imagine a Star Wars BR game). EA could even try to make a standalone game but I doubt they will attempt that.

Personally, I would love to see it in the new Battlefield. I think it fits great if they expand some of there already large maps and I think the Frostbite engine could easily be adapted for it to work without engine capability limits (like vaulting in PUBG). Since most people are speculating that the next BF game is going to be in WWII, that could make it stand out since the big BR games are either modern or primarily fictional shooters. I’m not a big fan of older era shooters, like Battlefield 1, but I would happily buy the next Battlefield game if there will be Battle Royale game mode in it at launch or a future update.

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