GamersGrove Podcast Episode 11

GamersGrove Podcast Episode 11

On this episode Will and Brady talk about the rumoured BR mode in the new Battlefield, Ben Brode leaving Blizzard, and more!

**Correction** Charlie Intel only confirmed the Black Ops 4 rumours, not the Battlefield one

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Date of Recording 22 Apr 2018

Main Topic Links:

  • Ben Brode Leaving Blizzard –
  • Battlefield 5 Battle Royale mode –
  • Valve buys Campo Santo –
  • Beyond Skyrim Mod –
  • Legend of Bum-Bo, Edmund McMullen’s new game –
  • Darwin Project F2P –
  • Josh Sawyer on RPG Diversity –

Other References:

  • Dauntless beta starts May 24 –
  • Olly Moss artwork –
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