Gamersgrove Podcast Episode 22 – Ban Hammers and Twitter Rants

Gamersgrove Podcast Episode 22 – Ban Hammers and Twitter Rants

This week from the Grove Will, Austin, and Brady discuss… Square Enix’s difficulties keeping Octopath Traveler in stock, and Bethesda’s Todd Howard swatting down New Vegas reboot possibilities. Next, we discuss something that came to everyone’s surprise… Microsoft is making literal billions through the gaming industry! After that surprising news, we move on to a discussion about hot steamy bans, discussing how Valve has banned over 90,000 Steam accounts in a week. While the ban hammer is red hot, we discuss the latest twitter drama surrounding a former Valve employee, who gives a little insight into Valves potentially toxic work environment. Then, we mention No Mans Sky’s “Next” update. After that, we move on to Chinese titan Netease and their latest acquisition of a minority stake in Jumpship. Finally we finish up the episode mentioning Egress’s closed beta, and The Cycle closed alpha sign ups.


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