Gamersgrove Podcast Episode 24 – Blue, Cox, and Overwatch Leagues

Gamersgrove Podcast Episode 24 – Blue, Cox, and Overwatch Leagues

This week from the Grove… Will, Austin, and Brady kick off discussions with Bethesda’s announcements that Fallout 76 will NOT be released on steam. Once done with that, we move on to Tekken 7’s surprise new leather wearing character straight out of walking dead, spoilers he carries a bat. Next up we discuss Logitech buying Blue Microphones and what that might mean for the future of computer peripherals. Next we discuss Riot Games wanting to branch out beyond League of Legends, then give an honorable mention to Monster Hunter, coming to PC this week. And of course what would an episode be without some mention of Netease, this time discussing their goals to expand Eve online’s Chinese server and bring the title to mobile platforms. Next we finish up with Blizzard’s news that it will be adding 2 new teams to OWL. And finally we wrap up the episode with a brief debate of what makes a game good, story vs. game mechanics.

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