Gamersgrove Podcast Episode 26 – Realm Royal falls into the Ring of Fire

Gamersgrove Podcast Episode 26 – Realm Royal falls into the Ring of Fire

This week from the Grove… Will, Austin, and Brady start off this week discussing Steam’s uh-oh in revealing Steam TV (Steams new streaming platform) a little earlier than planned. After that we move on to the news that Realm Royale might be feeling the heat as they have lost nearly 95% of their player base within 2 months. In all seriousness we’re all bummed this is the case, we saw a lot of potential in this project and hope it can still be a success. While on the discussion of battle royales, in light of the latest Battlefield 5 trailer release we give our speculation and hopes for the upcoming title from DICE. Once done hyping ourselves up, we reel it in and move on to talk about Blizzard! More specifically, the recent news that they are losing 3 devs who have decided to join former Hearthstone director Ben Brodes in his indie endeavors over at Second Dinner. Next up we discuss GTA 5 and their achievement in approaching 100 million copies sold, with over 6 billion (that’s right…billion) in revenue. Finally we wrap it up by giving a quick mention of a leaked Witcher show script, and Diablo 3 making it’s way to switch soon!

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