Rust crawls out of the depths of Early Access

Rust crawls out of the depths of Early Access

If you’re a game developer and you want to make a game, you’ll probably find that you can get a prototype done in a week in Unity.

– Garry Newman, Facepunch

After four long years, Rust has finally left Early Access. I, as I’m sure so many others did, reinstalled the game to see what had changed. So come with me on my journey through Rust.

I awoke on a beach in the middle of the night, naked and afraid. Knowing the basics of every open world survival, I quickly scurried off to a few nearby trees to gather up some wood. After a few minutes of this I looked back at the beach and saw two other newly awoken people, seemingly having a chat. In the spirit of friendliness I ran down and said hello. They stared at me, rocks in hand, surely deciding if they wanted to bash my brains in or not. I placed down a campfire to show them I meant no harm. This pleased them. As we sat around chatting and having a merry time more and more naked individuals joined in on our spectacle. Then someone had to come and ruin it all. Someone stole the campfire. Apparently the light of the fire was the only thing keeping these people together because it only took a few seconds for everyone to begin beating each other to death with rocks after that. A very appropriate welcome back to Rust. After waking back up I decided it would be best to get as far away from the beaches as fast as possible. I made it about thirty seconds inland before I ran into a fully clothed man aiming his bow at me. I begged him to be cool and just let me go. He instructed me to turn around and gather wood, no explanation why, not even saying to return to him with the wood. Just go get wood. Powerless as I was, I complied with his demands and ran off to gather wood. Another thirty seconds pass and I get run through by a screaming person with a spear. He stops for the briefest of moments to look over my injured body and deliver a killing blow. At least I didn’t have to wait to bleed out, I guess.

Coming across random dead bodies is a very common thing in Rust

Waking up once again I was determined to live more than a few minutes. I sprinted to a nearby forest and hide. After I deemed it safe enough I began gathering up supplies to make myself basic tools, and a weapon to defend myself. I had to stop and hide quite a few times during this process, there were people constantly passing by, looking for other
poor souls to torture I’m sure. Once I decided I had enough things I continued my adventure through the woods and came upon an old abandoned factory. I stopped to marvel at this factory tucked away in the woods, which was a mistake. A mistake that promptly led to me being shot in the face by two looters, stripped of all my supplies, then executed.

I decided to take a break here and wait for my friends to come online so we could all play together, thinking that would boost my chances of survival. Wrong.

The three of us spawned in and agreed to meet up at a gas station, dying about three times each on the way there. Either from starvation, dehydration, or the random psychopaths that this game breeds. When we finally did all meet there it was the middle of the night. We decided to build a fire and hang around the gas station to wait until dawn before continuing our journey. As we sat around the fire we were approached by a stranger. He asked if he could hangout with us. I wasn’t dead yet, and I figured if he did try anything the three of us would be able to take him on, so we said yes. He crouched up by the fire, very thankful that we let him sit with us.

A gathering of the minds

He started asking us some general questions until he was rudely interrupted by an arrow in his skull. We scattered in full panic. I hid in the gas station and prayed they would not be able to find me and just give up, all the while my not so lucky friends were screaming and begging for mercy. Sick of random assholes ruining my day, I decided it was time to do something about them. I pulled out my wooden spear and went running towards them. I jammed my glorified stick into the closer of the two and immediately realized the futility of it all. He was fully clothed and armored up. I had burlap pants on. Bleeding out once again, I yelled a few obscenities at the pair and told them to just kill me, as they casually looted us, unfazed by my shouting. This went on for a couple of hours with no change in style. My friends gave up, understandably frustrated at our inability to make even the smallest semblance of progress. I figured I would give it one more shot. I ran along one of the main roads looking for barrels that usually had some decent loot in them. An arrow suddenly stuck me in my stomach. Still alive, I shouted out around me to be cool, unsure of who exactly I was telling to be cool. When I saw my attacker, already aiming down the sights ready to kill me, I told him in the classiest way possible to not be a dick and let me go. Not waiting for a response I ran up and started stabbing him with my wooden spear. He shouted that he was stopping and trying to give me something, but started to begin defending himself. I shouted back that I’m stopping and to relax. After a brief awkward pause, making sure both parties were actually stopping. He dropped a pickaxe, then told me to wait where I was. He ran off and returned a minute later with some food for me. Stunned, I thanked him and went on my way before he could change his mind. I was killed five minutes later.

After taking another break I decided I was tired getting murdered by random passersby and called it quits on big official Rust servers. I instead found myself a small community server with only three other players. Being able to actually explore the world around me, I found that Rust is a beautiful, yet eerie world full of mysteries. Who am I? What is this island? Why has it been abandoned. Who are these people that fly overhead and drop supplies? Why am I naked?

Rust is proof that the Unity Engine can produce some beautiful worlds

I could go on and on with these questions. I do not know if Facepunch has answers to these questions, but it fascinates me nonetheless. After a few hours of exploring and gathering supplies I had made myself a nice log cabin, and I did it all without seeing a single person. This leads me to my biggest problem with Rust. It’s boring playing without people, and it’s hell playing with them. The best and worst part about Rust is without a doubt its community. They can sit around a bonfire and sing kumbaya with you, or they can shoot you through the chest and proceed to destroy everything you worked so hard on while you sit there bleeding out and begging them to stop. The worst part of the latter experience is that most of the time the aggressor doesn’t seem to get any joy from what they are doing. They just do it. An emotionless harbinger of destruction. Sick bastards.

I closed out of Rust feeling strange. Did I have fun? In a weird masochistic sort of way, yeah, I did. Would I return to the game? I will, and I have, though I only play when I at least have some friends to join me now. My girlfriend plays Rust all the time now after watching my chaotic journey unfold from over my shoulder. So there’s that.
If you’d like to check out Rust and give yourself some memorable experiences, hopefully not at your own expense, you can pick it up on Steam for $34.99.

Screenshots used were taken from the Steam community page.
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